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Mano a Mano Matchup Recommender

The Mano a Mano Matchup Recommender is a brand new VIP service. It allows you to choose two players at the same position. The tool will then perform an analysis and recommend which player to start over the other this week.

How it works: Once you choose the two players, the tool will calculate the baseline weekly projections for each player. Then it will perform a series of simulated games, comparing the player to other players of the same position to formulate a ranking for each simulation. (If the player is not among the top 25 for QBs/TEs/DSTs or top 50 for RBs/WRs for each simulation, he recieves a "N/A" for that simulation. The final rank is a weighted calculation of the simulated rankings. For IDPs -- yes, IDPs are included! -- only one simulation is performed.

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